The Best Budget Blades: EDC Knives For Gun Carriers

EDC KnivesEvery Day Carry – “EDC” – has expanded into it’s own sub-industry in recent years, blossoming from just “keys-phone-gun-wallet” to medical gear, flashlights and of course knives. While a trip through Instagram may have you believing that without a Rolex and a fancy inlaid mother of pearl auto opener you aren’t worthy to leave the […]

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James Wears His Signature Daisy Dukes To Train

Like I (we) always say… you gotta train like you fight:

That vid is obviously just an amuse-bouche.  I can’t wait for the whole thing… if James is involved something tells me it’s going to be hittin different than all the other training course videos. 🤘😎

Clint Smith is a National treasure… what a character.


Brady Campaign Does A Morning Routine Video

Wow huge plot twist, you guys will never see it coming 🙄🙄🙄:

I understand what they’re getting at… school shootings are definitely happening more frequently.

How long until parents just homeschool their kids and only let them talk to friends on facetime?


Epstein 8/15/19


So we have reports that state:

1.  Epstein was initially cellmates with an ex cop charged with killing four people in his coke distribution ring and burying them in his yard.  Yeah that seems like exactly the kind of guy you’d house with a high profile child molester with major political connections.  I’d like to know more about the cop and his cocaine trafficking organization.  

2.  Conflicting with the widely reported “suicide attempt” Epstein apparently claimed “someone” tried to kill him resulting in his being put on suicide watch.

3. People close to Epstein claim he was in good spirits and working on his defense.  It should be remembered he pled not guilty.

4.  He’s taken off suicide watch on the argument of his attorney.

5.  Epstein is supposed to receive another cellmate, he never gets one.

6.  There are no cameras in the cells on the block where Epstein is relocated.  

7.  The day that Epstein is found dead the prison guards were irregulars.  Regular prison personnel did not recognize their replacements on the shift change.  When asked to identify themselves one of the replacement officers said his name was “Steve” when pressed further for his last name he said “Jail”.

8.  The replacement guards broke protocol and did not check the cell every 30 minutes the night Epstein died.  They falsified records to make it appear that they had.  They reportedly slept.

9.  In the early morning hours the day of Epstein’s death there is “shrieking” heard coming from his cell.  The report doesn’t make it clear, but at some point later guards could be heard saying “breathe Epstein”.  When I read this report I was left with the image of someone strangling a victim while shouting out as if they’re attempting to save them.

10.  Former prisoners held at that facility claim it would be virtually impossible to kill yourself in the manner reported.  There hasn’t been a suicide at this facility in over two decades. 

11.  The coroner report is still “pending” with respect to cause of death.  The autopsy is complete and found broken bones in Epstein’s neck that are trauma related and happen more often during strangulation than hanging.  As a layperson, the description of Epstein hanging himself by bedsheets, leaning forward on his knees and asphyxiating, does not sound traumatic enough to break the bones of the neck.  

Use your own judgement, be skeptical of official reports and narratives.  This may be a case of such desperation that they really fucked up and they can’t simply bury what they’ve done ala Jack Ruby.