Tactical Garment Bag For Your Guns Not Your Suit

haha this is so extra once he opens it up:

The olive color with black trim kind of screams “tactical” to me.  They do make an all black version though too I see.  Another observation is that the material looks way too nice of quality to be a usual suit garment bag.  It would probably be a good idea to take a crappy suit bag and zip it around this one for the best results.

Skinner Sights makes it, and it’s on sale right now for $189.


P.S. – Long time blog reader Chase emailed me this afternoon to ask if I died… it broke my heart so I immediately started working on putting up some posts. I hope to be back at a regular schedule soon. I’m sure there’s a lot of solid gold content I’ve been missing out on. Hope all you fellas are well.

Train With Laser Guns, Fight With Laser Guns?

What part of the game is that? *extremely Killah Priest and Ras Kass voice*

3:12 – “you can’t convince me that someone doesn’t have 20 or 30 minutes a day, to dedicate to the craft of being a citizen defender if it’s important to them”…”you can’t convince me they don’t have the money to buy a SIRT pistol and practice every day”.  I initially forgot what this guy’s schtick was until he said citizen defender and SIRT pistol… he’s the laser gun training guy who rebranded the SHEEPDOG.

So… 20-30 minutes with a laser gun per day is considered “training”?  Thoughts?

This all reminds me of a famous quote.. “The greatest trick the sheepdog ever pulled, was convincing the world he was a citizen defender.”

California Man Gets Ammo Cut Off His Body

Ruined the fit, and took his ammo.  You hate to see it:

😭😭😭 Thoughts?

gunrunnerhell: AMT Hardballer Longslide  This …


AMT Hardballer Longslide 

This is one of the few 1911 copies with a 7" barrel, most current “longslides” by other companies stick to 6". Made famous in the movie The Terminator and also the Hitman videogame series, these guns are actually known to jam quite a bit because of stainless steel galling. The problems can be fixed with hard chroming or switching out the lower frame. (GRH)

gunrunnerhell: Tokarev TT-33  Developed in the…


Tokarev TT-33 

Developed in the 1930s this somewhat ugly little handgun is simple, rugged and very capable. Chambered in 7.62x25mm, it can penetrate most low-level bulletproof vests. Since so many ComBloc nations produced their own versions, you will sometimes encounter Tokarev variants with added features like a safety. (GRH)