The difference between outlawing abortion and initiating gun control is one will lead to people risking their own life to save it and the other will make it harder for people to mass murder- now tell me why more people are against the second one

What is the relationship between gun control and abortion? I don’t view these as connected issues.

Also if “gun control will make it harder for people to mass murder” than why have some of the worst mass shootings in human history occurred in countries with strict gun control like Norway and France?





TIL that in the 1950’s the CIA began Operation Mockingbird. The operation was to influence and manipulate the media towards their political and social views. They recruited thousands of American journalists and funded student organizations and magazine fronts to channel their views through.


well i’m glad that’s all over

I can’t stand that fucking douche &ldquo…

I can’t stand that fucking douche “You don’t care about children” framed argument. You can have the deepest love for children, it won’t change the fact that we live in a world were people are growing more detached from their humanity. Won’t change that people will do heinous acts.

It’s a failed argument from an emotionally compromised person.