Epstein 8/15/19


So we have reports that state:

1.  Epstein was initially cellmates with an ex cop charged with killing four people in his coke distribution ring and burying them in his yard.  Yeah that seems like exactly the kind of guy you’d house with a high profile child molester with major political connections.  I’d like to know more about the cop and his cocaine trafficking organization.  

2.  Conflicting with the widely reported “suicide attempt” Epstein apparently claimed “someone” tried to kill him resulting in his being put on suicide watch.

3. People close to Epstein claim he was in good spirits and working on his defense.  It should be remembered he pled not guilty.

4.  He’s taken off suicide watch on the argument of his attorney.

5.  Epstein is supposed to receive another cellmate, he never gets one.

6.  There are no cameras in the cells on the block where Epstein is relocated.  

7.  The day that Epstein is found dead the prison guards were irregulars.  Regular prison personnel did not recognize their replacements on the shift change.  When asked to identify themselves one of the replacement officers said his name was “Steve” when pressed further for his last name he said “Jail”.

8.  The replacement guards broke protocol and did not check the cell every 30 minutes the night Epstein died.  They falsified records to make it appear that they had.  They reportedly slept.

9.  In the early morning hours the day of Epstein’s death there is “shrieking” heard coming from his cell.  The report doesn’t make it clear, but at some point later guards could be heard saying “breathe Epstein”.  When I read this report I was left with the image of someone strangling a victim while shouting out as if they’re attempting to save them.

10.  Former prisoners held at that facility claim it would be virtually impossible to kill yourself in the manner reported.  There hasn’t been a suicide at this facility in over two decades. 

11.  The coroner report is still “pending” with respect to cause of death.  The autopsy is complete and found broken bones in Epstein’s neck that are trauma related and happen more often during strangulation than hanging.  As a layperson, the description of Epstein hanging himself by bedsheets, leaning forward on his knees and asphyxiating, does not sound traumatic enough to break the bones of the neck.  

Use your own judgement, be skeptical of official reports and narratives.  This may be a case of such desperation that they really fucked up and they can’t simply bury what they’ve done ala Jack Ruby. 

I have a fresh one for you. Roast daewoo

I have a fresh one for you. Roast daewoo

A company that ate more shit than AMC or British Leyland and its legacy remains enshrined as why you don’t expand so hard so fast. Daewoo, which translates as “Great Woo” was South Korea’s largest company pumping out everything from cars and trucks to guns, tanks, hotels and ships, and all of it BLEW up in glorious fashion in the late 1990′s alongside Pan Am, TWA and Enron. 

Daewoo was formed in 1967 by Kim Woo-Jung as a byproduct of PM Park Chung-hee’s reforms on the economy and every aspect of South Korea in an attempt to revitalize the country after Syngman Rhee. The use of five year plans with cheap loans allowed Daewoo to slowly dominate the South Korean market, first in things such as clothing and textiles but as the 80′s came around, Chung-hee is killed and the economy liberalizes, Daewoo begins buying into everything.

Machine tools, “defensive products”, aerospace, semi conductors, cars, boats, financial investing, computers, construction equipment, musical instruments, it was the 7th largest car exporter and 6th largest car maker. Everything’s going well until the Asian Economic Crisis hits. While companies like LG and Samsung wisely stepped back from spending, Daewoo didn’t and was taking on mountains of debt by buying out other dying companies. In ‘99, they declare full bankruptcy with upwards of 75 billion dollars in debt. Woo-jung makes a run for Vietnam while this is happening only to return and be charged with accounting fraud, smuggling and illegal borrowing. The company would be reorganized into three basic versions dealing in seperate issues although the brand is now burned badly.

GM bought Daewoo Motors in 2001 and would stop selling Daewoos in 2004 citing “irreparable brand damage” as the issue and thus most of those products were rebranded as Chevrolets or Holdens. The commercial vehicles were sold to Indian Tata Motors, Daewoo Precision, makers of both precision tools and guns were bought by S&T Dynamics and rebranded as S&T Motiv, the name is as burned as Pepco or Enron, and it’s still somehow going.