The Right Way To Reload A Handgun

Hehe Ziga.. SIR… you can’t troll a troll:

I need to use this method asap.  By far, the most shocking thing in this video is that Ziga is wearing a notch hat 😂.  It was almost 6 years ago to the day, that I wrote that blog post.  I’m still no closer to understanding WHY haha… I’ll circle back periodically when the opportunity arises and let you guys know if I finally get it.

We need some sever farms working on Polenar Tactical DEEP FAKES, where Manca’s face is rendered over Ziga’s.


R Rated Home Alone

LOL I wasn’t expecting this:

Behind the scenes look at the VFX if you care:

Kevin Mcallister in NOT playing around in this remix.  I can’t tell if it’s sponsored content or not, because it didn’t mention it in the video.  There was an ad showing Home Alone is able to stream on Google Play though.


ATF Peering Over Fence Clear Kydex Holster

This is epic:

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🧱👀 @shots_and_shutters holster from @eclipseholsters

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Definitely a cool idea surrounding that meme haha.

Eclipse Holsters made it, if you’re interested.


Tennis Player Mike Bryan Fined 10K For Racket Gun Gesture

Aw man… fined… you hate to see it:

The $10,000 fine seems steep.  Doesn’t take a genius to realize that anything that could be deemed as a “threat” in the times we’re living in, isn’t going to go over particularly well.  Tennis loves dishing out fines too.