Sometimes You Gotta 360 Spin-Shoot While Training

File this one under “Yikes”:

Of course the dude is in the IG comments being “not mad” and thanking everyone for the new followers.  Standard procedure when you’re BIG MAD people are making fun of your video.

Thoughts?  Have you fellas reached this level of “train like you fight” yet?  Ahhh.. nm, you’re just not getting in this advanced of gunfights, I get it.

Joyner Lucas ft. Logic Is Stolen Valor At Its Worst

I really do NOT like either of these guys.  SOMEONE GET DON SHIPLEY ON THE PHONE to shut this down 😂:

I fail to see the niche in rap that Joyner Lucas and Logic fill.  In my opinion, both are very unremarkable.  I’ve gotta respect the effort though.  Logic especially… as far as I can tell just basically decided “I want to be a famous rapper”, so he convincingly started to rap, and people believed him and here we are.  Dude has a massive fanbase now.  While we’re on the topic, another rapper which I really don’t get is “Nav”… like who is making him famous?  Why does he exist as a rapper?  Are rich parents bankrolling the whole thing as a social experiment or something?  These are the music related questions that keep me up at night 😭😏.

Gat tip: Harrison

Punisher Golf Ball – Like Golf Itself Isn’t Already Punishment Enough

Before you ask, I have no idea where you can purchase an amazing CNC golf ball art machine like that, in order to begin your own empire.  You’ll have to pay ScriptToBall to take care of the art for you.


Gat tip: @garand_one

Removing AR-15 Parts And Replacing Them With Duct Tape

IraqVeteran8888 does the dirty work so we don’t have to:

haha awesome.  It wasn’t surprising that the gun still worked, but it was still funny. The only real time I figured something could go very wrong, was after he removed the barrel nut and taped that area. I’m glad he stopped after the first shot.

I hit play on the video and immediately knew someone was going to comment “Eric created a California compliant rifle”… sure enough, it was the top comment. 😂


SIG SAUER Spartan II Catches The Side Profile Of The Spartan

In a colossal move, SIG switched it up on the grips and did the Spartan side profile for the version II, and also makes the finish more BaTTLe WoRn.  INNOVATION / ITERATION:

This is what the Spartan I looked like:

*crowd of piehitters stands up and goes wild for the new grip battleworn change… then immediately find the need to sit down and catch their breath*

You know, I say something like “I can’t wait for this SpArTaN mOvEmEnT to be over!”, but we all know it’s going to be replaced with something equally as cringe.  At least it makes for good C O N T E N T though, amirite fellas?

Thoughts?  Do you think the amount of LABE that one could MOLON with the 2 would be > than with the 1? 🤔🤔🤔 I’m always asking the galaxy brain questions only, here on ENDO.

Gat tip: Saurocapozza

The Only Glock 19X Review That We The People Needed

I was holding off on my purchase until VODA weighed in:

When he said that he really thought the military should have got the contract, I was sold.

The purely organic nature of these videos, with the intro blur and the outro camera “boop” is so authentic.  I love it. I really wish I didn’t live on the other side of the country from Fayetteville NC… being this far away from Brandon (theAKguy), VODA, and J Cole really annoys me.

PART II, where he bullshits for a bit then shoots the Glock 19X:

1:52 – HOLY 😲😲😲 WTF.  That’s like top 5 most dangerously stupid things I’ve ever seen anyone do at a shooting range.  Wow.  Laughs all around though… yikes.

Wow what a thorough review – Conclusion: “To me it feel the same to me as any other Glock.  So, it is what it is.  Bye bye.”