Pautac Precision Chassis for the Sako TRG 22/42

Paukatti Oy is a small company based in Finland. Their specialty is exporting shooting accessories,  manufacturing and also reloading manual publishing. The owner is a long-time competition shooter in tactical military sniper competitions and in long-range shooting competitions. At IWA 2019 in Germany they displayed a new chassis for the SAKO TRG 22/42. Below you […]

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I have an idea.

Been playing with my nephew’s single shot nerf gun. Its striker fired with a ring pull to cock the striker.

I can junkyard one of these with an existing 9mm barrel and make it break action for under $50 and have it shoot accurately unlike a Liberator.

I beg of you to do this

I got everything else I think. Just need a barrel. Sights are going to be stupid simple

Its all legal as long as it complies with regulations and I don’t sell it.

Looks like I can get a decent 2nd hand barrel on ebay for 20ish before shipping. Bit of cosmoline here, bit of blood there and it’ll be a fun project.

I will help fund this @cazador-red