The AK-47 Is Terrible For SHTF Survival

James gives 7 reasons why 😂:

hahah James really gets into it, pure gold. Sadly I never got to see the AK Guy video about why the AR-15 sucks, before YOUTUBE REMOVED IT FOR BULLYING 😩. Dudes be like “ShUddAh uZEd FuLL ThUrdy” ahaha.

I hope Brandon the AK bully gets his video sorted out so I can watch it too.


Brandon Had An AR-15 Yard Sale In Myrtle Beach

The bruthers came out during the coronavirus for this one:

I’m like 3 minutes in and wow Brandon swears a lot more when it’s live apparently haha.

3:15 – “The count was 400 – 500 maybe more”.  Whoa that’s amazing!

Good stuff.  Thoughts?

This MAD LAD Test Fires An AK Without Rivets

Brandon is crazy:

I didn’t crunch the numbers regarding the actual physics of this test fire, but I always cringe when guys do unsafe stuff in videos.  Royal Nonesuch at Mattv2099 were some of the OGs in that game.  Neither got hurt though, so maybe I’m just too scared.

I’m looking forward to seeing those AK-50 updates. I wish I could say I was excited about the Gun Meme reviews… I live that every day, so for me its just a re-run. That said, I usually watch them anyways only because Brandon is entertaining.