From the Warehouse: A Pile of Colt Gold Cups (PHOTOS)

Colt Gold Cups

What’s not to like about a Colt Gold Cup? (Photos: Richard Taylor/

An absolute classic offshoot of the standard M1911, the Colt Gold Cup series are iconic match pistols, and we have several up for grabs from the warehouse.

John Moses Browning’s celebrated 1911 design was adopted by the U.S. military just in time for World War I and soon after Colt began to respond to feedback to tweak the gun for further use. In January 1932, Colt responded to the common fine tuning done to service pistols by military marksmen at the National Match competitions in Camp Perry by introducing the National Match series of accurized 1911s that offered upgrades such as hand-fitted internals, match barrels, checked triggers and mainspring housings and adjustable sights. This model proved popular until it was suspended in 1942 due to the pressing needs of World War II.

In 1957, Colt rebooted the concept as the “Gold Cup National Match” line and has retained the terminology ever since. Fundamentally, these guns have been the benchmark for right-out-of-the-box competition pistols for more than a half-decade with Colt long describing them as “the finest shooting semi-automatic in the world.” With that being said, many have also turned to the reliable all-steel longslide for personal protection and in the good old days when the wheel gun was king for law enforcement, it was not uncommon for members of LE shooting teams to carry their otherwise competition NM 1911s for everyday use.

Originally introduced with the square-bladed Colt Accro adjustable rear sight — which was later changed out as the series progressed, the guns featured slanted serrations on the slide as well as a grooved 7/16-inch flat rib in the 12-o’clock position, the latter feature giving the gun a distinctive “flat-top” appearance. Other improvements include a flat mainspring housing, larger ejection port and several minor internal differences from the standard GI 1911.

Our current selection of Gold Cups that is up for grabs from our extensive gun library covers a wide range of the gun’s production history, covering about a 30-year range.

This MK IV Series 70 Colt Gold Cup National Match from 1983

This MK IV Series 70 Colt Gold Cup National Match from 1983 and includes factory Elliason rear sights, an adjustable trigger, and a beautiful finish for its age. It comes with its original box and paperwork. Colt stopped producing this model in 1983.

This stainless 80 Series Colt Gold Cup hails from 1993 and has wraparound grips

This stainless 80 Series Colt Gold Cup hails from 1993 and has wraparound grips

This Colt Gold Cup Trophy is a 1999-vintage gun

This Colt Gold Cup Trophy is a 1999-vintage gun. The Trophy series started in 1997 and this example includes Elliason rear sights and a wraparound grip. Of note, this beautiful Colt is currently just $999.

A more modern gun, this slick circa 2013 Series 80 Colt MK IV Gold Cup National Match “round top” has imitation pearl Colt grips and a skeletonized trigger.

This certified gun still has the original Colt rubber grips as well as an extra mainspring in its original factory case.

Gold Cup National Match, of recent manufacture, is one of Colt's Series 70 O5870A1 style flat tops

This Gold Cup National Match, of recent manufacture, is one of Colt’s Series 70 O5870A1 style flat tops, a more retro styling that Colt has been going with in recent years.

For home defense, competition use or sheer collectability, it is hard to beat a vintage Colt Gold Cup 1911.

Colt Gold Cups 70 and 80 series National Match and Trophy models

We always have several Gold Cups on hand, with our current selection ranging across nearly a four-decade span of the type’s construction.

However, for those who would like to go with something new and take it from there, Colt still makes the Gold Cup line in both 70 and 80 series and can help you out with one of those bad boys as well. Check out the video of the new stainless 70 Series Gold Cup Trophy we caught up a while back.

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Vincent Hancock Wins Fifth Consecutive World Cup


Vincent Hancock, center, dominated the latest World Cup event taking first. (Photo: USA Shooting)

Vincent Hancock turned in another dominating performance at the International Shooting Sport Federation World Cup in South Korea, earning another first-place skeet shooting victory.

This first place finish is Hancock’s fifth consecutive World Cup win and his sixth international win overall. Hancock earned the top spot Saturday, qualifying with 123 targets then beating second place winner, and fellow American Christian Elliot, in a shoot-off for the finals position. In finals, Hancock slammed 57 of the 60 targets, claiming the top spot.

“Thank you God for the opportunity to do what I love,” Hancock said on social media. “Thank you to my wife and little girls at home that put up with me being gone so much and thank you to my sponsors that help make this dream a reality. I couldn’t do it without any of you!”


Hancock, left, and fellow American Christian Elliot on the podium. (Photo: Vincent Hancock via Facebook)

Hancock added about teammate and silver medal winner Elliot, “Congratulations to Christian for an amazing competition and for winning his first World Cup Medal. He’s one of the best teammates, competitors and friends that somebody could ask for. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be there to witness his first medal of what I am sure will be [many] in the future. “

The World Cup event continues, with Women’s Trap headed into qualifications Tuesday.

ISSF WC Shotgun, Changwon, KOR. Skeet Men 11.05.19

ISSF WC Shotgun, Changwon, KOR. Skeet Men 11.05.19

Posted by ISSF – International Shooting Sport Federation on Saturday, May 11, 2019

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Toughest Hunters in the Alps Set to Hit Austria in October

Steyr Challenge

The 2nd Annual Steyr Challenge will kick off in the Alps Oct. 5. (Photo: Steyr Arms)

Steyr Arms brings the 2nd Annual Steyr Challenge to Seetaler Alpe in Austria, challenging teams from all over the world to compete for the title of “Toughest Hunters in the Alps.”

The match puts a four-person team, plus one alternate, through a seven-kilometer mountain run with 300 meters of elevation gain, different shooting disciplines, abseiling and sawing. The Steyr Challenge will allow a maximum of 25 teams representing countries from around the globe to compete in the match scheduled for Oct. 5.

Steyr Arms is currently on the hunt for teams to represent the U.S.The company says interested teams should send in an audition video detailing why their team wishes to meet the challenge head-on. The audition must be sent in before the deadline of July 15. Audition submissions are free; however, should the team be selected there is a $250 registration fee. Teams are also responsible for their own travel to and from Austria, though lodging and food will be provided at no additional cost. Teams must fly in by Oct. 4 to receive preliminary information and training on rifles used for the competition. The actual Steyr Challenge will occur on Oct. 5 with an awards ceremony after.

“Don’t miss this opportunity to represent the U.S., be a part of this ultimate challenge and claim the title of “Toughest Hunters in the Alps,” Steyr Arms said in a news release.

For more information on the event, head to the Steyr Challenge website.

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Kim Rhode Wows with Fourth Consecutive Win at ISSF World Cup Event

Kim Rhode

Kim Rhode is one of the most decorated Olympic athletes. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

Kim Rhode continues to prove why she is one of the best of the best in the shooting sports, pulling out a dominating performance that earned her a fourth consecutive win at an International Shooting Sports Federation World Cup Event.

Held in Changwon, South Korea, Rhode missed 6 out of 185 targets between qualifications and the final event held Friday, May 10. Rhode smashed 57 out of 60 targets in the final to take the top spot. Italy’s Diana Bacosi took silver while fellow Italian Chiara Cainero took the bronze.

Rhode, middle, on the podium, after earning her fourth ISSF World Cup win. (Photo: USA Shooting)

“It’s like a flashback to the Rio podium,” Rhode said from Korea. “I’m still in shock and can’t believe I’ve been able to win four straight World Cup golds. With so much talent out there on the line, I still can’t believe I am lucky enough to wear the red, white and blue, let alone win gold. Right now, I’m focused on making the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team, so all the rest is just icing on the cake!”

Rhode has been a powerful competitor since she entered the sport and continues to smash records. She became the first American athlete to medal at five consecutive Olympic Games in an an individual sport in 2012 then four years later topped that accomplishment by becoming the first female to ever medal at six consecutive games.

USA Shooting continues to compete at World Cup events on the journey towards the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

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Max Michel Takes First at 2019 Magnus Sports Cup

Max Michel

Max Michel demonstrates some shooting techniques at SHOT Show. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

Team Sig Captain Max Michel delivered a winning performance at the 2019 Magnus Sports Cup held in Washington, Utah nabbing first place in the Carry Optics Division.

The competition, which took place May 1 through May 5 at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range, put Michel through 17 courses of fire with a P320X5 in 9mm. The Sig pistol was equipped with the not yet released Romeo3Max open reflex sight.

“It’s great to see Max continue his win streak in the Carry Optics Division, and do it with the Sig Sauer Electro-Optics Romeo3Max Optic,” Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President Commercial Sales said in a news release. “Max was not only the fastest shooter at the Magnus Cup within his division but one of the most accurate shooters amongst all 450 competitors as well. His determination to continually better his performance in carry optics, and dedication to his training shows in the results, and his continued wins for Team Sig.”

Michel tackling a stage on the way to first place. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

The Romeo3Max features a compact design with 30mm Max round lens. The optic offers a vivid red dot and “unrivaled optical clarity” with a 6 MOA dot size. Equipped with 12 illumination intensity levels, the sight delivers a runtime of 20,000 hours.

Noting that this was his first Magnus Cup, Michel said he was pleased that his gear performed well and helped secure him the win.

“This was the first ever Magnus Cup and it did not disappoint. The match challenged all of the physical and technical skills an IPSC shooter would need to possess in order to be at the top of their game,” added Michel. “My gear ran perfectly. The Sig Match Elite Ammunition was extremely accurate, and my Romeo3Max optic continues to turn heads because of my performance, and my P320X5 ran beautifully. I’m really proud to say that everything that helped me take first in the Carry Optics Division was a Sig Sauer product.”

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Junior Shooting Sports Athlete Stuns in Prom Pics

Junior Shooting Sports Athelete Stuns in Prom Pics

Mia A. Cariaga budgeted daylight and a wardrobe change to work in some prom photos just after she competed. (Photos: Twitter/Screenshot)

A Texas youth clays competitor managed to squeeze in some prom pictures at the end of a state championship and tried to break the internet along the way.

Mia A. Cariaga’s 2019 prom photos were taken at the San Antonio Gun Club after Day 1 of the State Junior Olympics Championships and, showing off a flowing red gown to complement her double-barrel over-and-under shotgun, made a statement.

“Junior Olympics before prom? No problem,” noted Cariaga on Twitter this week in a post that was reposted over 200 times, including by USA Shooting and the National Rifle Association.

With more than 2,000 replies, those on social media noted she was exercising the right to “bare arms” and were generally supportive, although she did get dinged for not wearing eye and ear protection in the poses.

“Beats the hell out of a corsage!” said one. “Beautiful young lady who smells like gunpowder. Beating the boys back with a stick,” wrote another.

“We hope you shot great and had a blast at your prom. What a day you’ll always remember,” responded USA Shooting.

To see how she shoots, Mia’s father, Michael Cariaga, posted a video of a shotgun clinic held last week prior to the Championships.

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Kayla Wirth Brings Girl Power to Competition

Kayla Wirth

Competition shooter Kayla Wirth serves up girl boss vibes, wielding her Grand Power X-Calibur handgun at matches. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Hailing from the Great White North, Kayla Wirth balances a good-natured Canadian vibe with a fierce competitiveness that fuels each competitive stage. Wirth’s charm is all in her girl power mantra — a battle cry for more women to take up arms and get involved in the shooting sports. caught up with Wirth to learn more about her backstory and why she thinks women are coming out on top.

GDC: Give our readers a little background about you. What got you into the shooting sports?

Wirth: I’m from Vancouver, Canada and I work at a local indoor gun range/rental range. I’ve been there for over eight years and that definitely opened the door for everything I do now. I hunt, started that about four years ago, and I shoot competitively, which I started about three years ago.

GDC: From a competitive side, what’s the best part of heading to matches?

Wirth: I’m very competitive and the best part is beating the boys. I’m beating my shooting partner, Winston, half the time. It’s, like, really cool. That and seeing the women. When we went back to Nationals, there were so many more women there. It’s growing, definitely growing.

GDC: You mentioned growth. Has there been a significant increase in the number of women entering the shooting sports or competitive shooting? It certainly seems like it’s on the rise.

Wirth: Yes! It feels like it’s becoming less of a “man’s sport,” you know. Just like in other areas of the world, women are coming up on top. There are quite a few women that are now competing and they’re bringing some good competition. It’s really nice to see that.

GDC: Is there a certain age demographic of women you see more?

Wirth:There’s no age. There are 16 and 17-year olds getting into it and all the way up to women in their 60s. It’s really cool to see the older women that are still going at it. They’re going toe to toe with these men. Then there are the younger ones that just have so much more opportunity. They’re just growing.

GDC: Last question, you mentioned working at a rental range and I know you are also a Range Officer. Are you also seeing more everyday women coming into your range to shoot — outside of competitive matches? I think we Americans often have the perception that Canadians aren’t into guns as much.

Wirth: At my rental range, we have a lot of female clientele. Women feel more comfortable coming to talk to me. It’s really great to be a positive role model, in a sense. I’ve had a couple of girls that come in and they really like (shooting). They get their gun license and now they have their own firearms. They get into that swing of things and there are so many different disciplines that they can get into. It’s really good.

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