Soooo, has anyone else seen the video where they’re training K9s specifically for school shootings? Because fuck that shit. Instead of throwing dogs into the mix, how about we actually do something about the INCREDIBLY EASY TO ACQUIRE GUNS.

Are guns easy to acquire?

Do you know what the laws are on firearms where you live?

I live in Mississippi, I could drive to to any outdoorsman store or pawn shop and buy any gun I want no questions asked. That’s far easier than it should be.

No questions asked?

You saying they don’t do 4473’s there?

Or have you just never bought a gun so you don’t know how it works?

do you believe the violence is more the fault …

do you believe the violence is more the fault of the weapon used than the person using it? would you call for stricter knife restrictions if there was a stabbing with a high death toll committed with a military style combat knife ?

I would say without both nothing would happen. And yeah, I would. We already do this. Many “dangerous” knives are outlawed, both at a state and federal level.



A really messed up thing about America that I genuinely don’t know if other countries grasp is that we have guns… in Walmart. Like boy I could go in there and get some chicken nuggs and then be like “I want a gun” and just like ????? Buy one ???? And in the lay out of my local store the guns are like 3 isles from toys,,, genuinely something that I worry people don’t know about or grasp

…someone has never been to Canadian Tire.

Also funny to me that people who post stuff like this have generally never actually traveled.