How to solve the 2A debate, say people can have guns, but only the guns that were made as of the second amendment being written.

If you want anything else then you should have to go through military training.

How did you even come to this conclusion? Where in the second amendment does it state that it only covers time period specific arms?

What problems would this even solve?



The difference between outlawing abortion and initiating gun control is one will lead to people risking their own life to save it and the other will make it harder for people to mass murder- now tell me why more people are against the second one

What is the relationship between gun control and abortion? I don’t view these as connected issues.

Also if “gun control will make it harder for people to mass murder” than why have some of the worst mass shootings in human history occurred in countries with strict gun control like Norway and France?

Do you really not give a fuck about children b…

Do you really not give a fuck about children being shot? Do you really not realize how fucked up it is to openly disregard the lives of lost children?

Purely emotional and arbitrary responses to tragedies rarely result in logically sound solutions to the problem that lead to the tragedy to begin with. 

Ironically, people like you are standing directly in the way of progress towards alleviating the issue of gun violence and mass shootings. 



so gun control….

the fact is, there are attempted school shootings like every other day in the US. and there are successful ones frequently enough for it to be a problem. somethings gotta give, somethings gotta change.

two week waiting period between the initial purchase of the gun, and the actual aquiring of it. license guns like you would a car, with checkups in order to ensure everything is in working order. mental health checkups would be helpful. might even prevent suicides.

the license for guns would help ensure people understand gun safety, and how to keep it safely locked up in a house with children. a load of school shootings are because a parent doesnt keep the gun properly.

the 2nd amendment and gun control can coexist, yall

That’s all well and good but do you have an evidence any of that would prevent school shootings and not just violate people’s rights?



So my brother and I skipped school today and my mom had asked me to do some stuff at around one which required me to leave the house and get some stuff from her at the school. My mom texted me a little before 12:30 and said not to come because the school was in lockdown. Someone had threatened the school with a gun. So, my mom and baby sister and all of my friends have been locked in one classroom for almost 3 hours. It looks they’ll be staying longer. This is why I want gun control.

What would gun control do? What are the preexisting laws where you live and how would you propose to change them?