Emotional Support Uzi Morale Patch from Stickthison.com

The biggest problem with emotional support animals is that they aren’t Emotional Support Uzis. Science knows this and Stickthison.com knows this. The good news is that you don’t have to live another day without your own Emotional Support Uzi. It’s almost as easy to buy on the internet than those sketchy support dog papers for […]

Review: Fenix E30R

Earlier this year, I bought a Fenix E30R in the hopes that it would work well as a lightweight, bright, compact, 18650 powered flashlight, for outdoor use. I was basically buying the form-factor as the E30R is just about as small as you can make a 18650 powered light. Unfortunately, the light hasn’t quite worked […]

Russian Roulette Clothing Com Bloc Nightmare T-Shirt – ‘Tis the Season

Halloween is upon us and you are in luck because Russian Roulette Clothing has their most Halloween-worthy shirt on sale. The Com Bloc Nightmare design features your favorite ’80s horror film protagonists wielding some iconic Com Bloc firearms (PKM, Dragunov and Krinkov). This shirt on sale for just $12! https://www.russianrouletteclothing.com/product/com-bloc-nightmare