Life Comes At You Fast – Tannerite Edition

Microwave doors come at your faster:

LOL dudes literally will never learn.  If you put tannerite inside something and shoot it, stuff is going to fly when it explodes.

If you hit up youtube and knock out a search or two, you’ll see that people have been getting themselves in bad situations with Tannerite for as long as it has existed.  One of the worst was a guy shot a riding lawnmower jammed 3lbs of Tannerite, and a piece of it flew off… he ended up losing his leg 😬.  There’s also the classic video of the guy shooting the full size fridge… and the explosion sends the fridge door back at him.


Gat tip: Slapandrack

Gun Safety For New Gun Owners

IraqVeteran8888 did it for the culture:

Definitely something all new gun owners should watch.  He put a table of contents in the video details if you click through.

If you click the thumbnail to enlarge, you’ll see that I shoehorned in the pic of when they had my ENDO Glock Adapter on the show.  Here’s the video where they pull it out as the “wildcard pick”.

Sig Releases TREAD AR-10 While Bruthers Are Stuck At Home Getting Treaded On

hahah I love the timing of this:

Nice looking video as usual, though they are really forcing the whole “lifestyle brand” thing down everyone’s throats again.  I’m sure it works though.  If you want to see my commentary on their past tread videos you can click that link.

It’s a decent looking rifle I guess *shrug*.  They didn’t exactly invent anything.. it’s a Direct Impingement AR-10 with a Nokia-ass Snake logo on it.  That doesn’t seem like a reason to buy it, or a reason not to buy it.. but like whatever man.

As I mentioned in the title, the timing of this new tread release is impeccable.  Bruthers are annoyed at levels they haven’t been at since 9/11 because of the government telling them what to do.  The government telling you that you can’t live your life as a free man, “FOR YOUR OWN GOOD”, at a risk of getting fined?  You hate to see it. Will COVID-19 remove a few of these “I wiLL nOt CoMplY” bois from the gene pool? Only time will tell.

If you want more info on the Sig Sauer 716i Tread hit the link. Also, if you’re a designer you might might also find this funny… but when I was poking around looking for the aforementioned Nokia-ass Snake Logo I came accross their main Tread page , where they had the one I used called “TREAD-Logo-Final-3.jpg” I laughed out loud because that’s the exact dumbass way I name things. I start off with -WIP1,2,3,4 etc… type names then as soon as I trick myself into the design being finalized I start -FINAL-1,2-3 etc.. Can anyone else relate?