James Wears His Signature Daisy Dukes To Train

Like I (we) always say… you gotta train like you fight:

That vid is obviously just an amuse-bouche.  I can’t wait for the whole thing… if James is involved something tells me it’s going to be hittin different than all the other training course videos. 🤘😎

Clint Smith is a National treasure… what a character.


Brady Campaign Does A Morning Routine Video

Wow huge plot twist, you guys will never see it coming 🙄🙄🙄:

I understand what they’re getting at… school shootings are definitely happening more frequently.

How long until parents just homeschool their kids and only let them talk to friends on facetime?


Hater Holsters

Finding Hater Holsters on Instagram yesterday was a highlight of my day. They are obviously having fun with their company as you can tell from their tagline: “We only make holsters for Hi Points. Holster maker to the poors.” That’s right. They only make holsters for Hi Points. To be more exact, they only make […]

Blackout United States Flag With Multicam

You know I had to do it:

The Blackout USA Flag with Multicam is now back in stock at ENDO.  I didn’t get a chance to announce it on here when I first started stocking them, because it sold out very quickly. 

Make sure you’re on the ENDO Apparel mailing list for first notification on future releases.

Thanks everyone!