The Future Soldiers Will Be Robots And They Will Train Like They Fight

This video was shared with me like 200 times, so I figured I better get off my ass and post it:

I think the main reason it was spread around is because not even one person whose instagram page I saw put up a short clip of the video credited Corridor Digital, and they cropped out the “bosstown dynamics” watermark.  Judging by the comments almost everyone thought it was real.  That just goes to show what a good job Corridor Digital does with these videos.  Check this out and this video too if you want to see how they made the video.  Looks like a LOT of work.

For those of you who think that a robot being that skilled is far fetched.  These next two videos are from the real Boston Dynamics:


Night Vision With The Cool Teens In The Halloween Corn Maze

haha this is a flex.  Solscud is hilarious:

The cool teens pretend they don’t notice / don’t care.

In the description he mentions it’s a DTNVG with L3 WP and a COTI (Clip On Thermal Imager).  I googled those terms and don’t know if I found the exact item he’s using, but it looks like it might be in the $8000-$9000 range 😲😂.

Thoughts?  Did this inspire you to trick or treat with your night vision / thermal?

The thumbnail pic I used was from a post I made back in 2011 where I photoshopped some “we’re a culture, not a costume” posters with some gun stuff haha, even 8 years later I still crack myself up.

VODA Shows Us How To Look Out A Window


0:50 – hahah ok ok VODA’s got jokes today.  I actually agree with him on this for a change, however I think the absolute best case should be a front door camera so you don’t have to physically look.

The Atatiana Jefferson shooting by a police office that he references, is really sad.  I embedded a video below if you want to get up to speed:

Very terrible situation all around.  Being a police officer would be such a rough job… it seems like the only way the public would be happy in a lot of these situations would be it if was shown that a shot was first fired by the other person.  Even then, it would be picked apart and doubt would be applied to every single action of the police officer.  I’m not sure how this problem can be solved moving forward… all I do know is it’s definitely not making things better by news outlets like CNN focusing on color – “a WHITE police officer KILLED A BLACK girl”.


Digitrigger Can Put A Speed Limit On Your AR-15 Automatic Fire

Check this out.  You can adjust the rate of fire:

That’s something new (to me anyways).  Guys in my Instagram post were saying it has existed on paintball for years haha… classic.  I’m not sure how much this specific version is, but they have a version 1.2 on the digitrigger website for $600.

This is how they say it works:

A firearm that is DigiTrigger enabled becomes a hybrid, with two distinct fire control groups. The first and primary one is the mechanical group, which operates exactly as the mil-spec trigger group originally found in the AR-15. The second is a microprocessor based firing system, which operates seamlessly with the mechanical trigger group. Since the second fire control group is software based, the user can choose between preset modes.

Cool stuff.  I don’t really have a use for it, but I appreciate the work that went into it.  Being a fan of both technology and firearms, I find it interesting at the very least when the two come together.  I still have hope that someday as technology continues to progress, a “smart” gun can exist without compromising safety and privacy.

Thoughts? The fudds would love a trigger that was limited to one round every 1.5 minutes.

Brass Valley – Episode 1

TheAKguy Brandon Herrera introduces us to the Brass Valley fellas and the series:

So we finish out this episode with Brandon giving the two groups the challenge create and 3d print a functional cam groove and cam lug for the AK-50 v5 in under 48 hours.

I like how this is going so far.  I normally like videos around the 5 minute length, but with something like this I think going closer to 20min is a better idea.  That way we get to see a few things happen per episode.