SureFire SOCOM300-Ti Suppressors Now Shipping

SureFire have announced that their SOCOM300-Ti suppressor is now shipping. We got a look at the SOCOM300-Ti first hand at this years NRA Annual Meeting, SureFire describe it as “ultimate lightweight suppressor for 7.62 mm bolt action rifles.” The SOCOM300-Ti is 7.9 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and weighs in at 11 ounces. Available in black and FDE it uses […]

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[NRA 2019] New From Surefire

New Titanium Suppressors Surefire brought two new suppressors for release at NRA 2019. Both are built entirely of Titanium. This has cut the weight nearly in half compared to the weight of their predecessors. Both suppressors were designed for use with bolt action rifles and use Surefire’s quick detach mount system. While not designed for […]

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[NRA 2019] 5 Awesome Suppressors – ASA Range Day

TFBTV got invited to attend a range day event for the American Suppressor Association just prior to the NRA Annual Meetings. Joel highlights new or interesting suppressor options from Rugged, Dead Air, Surefire, Gunwerks, and Daniel Defense. Let us know in the comments, who makes your favorite silencer? ««« PATREON GIVEAWAYS »»» Go to […]

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Silencerco Shows How Their Octane 45 Is Made

Holy that’s a lot of expensive equipment:

Question for you guys… right now who is THE “BEST” suppressor manufacturer of the moment?  Are the db numbers coming out of anyones new cans startlingly better than the other companies in the industry?  I ask this because from my perspective no one is excessively bragging about numbers right now, and seemingly no one is really marketing silencers too hard right now either.  That makes me think that the industry is kind of stagnant, but I could be wrong.

I always think that manufacturing things is a lot easier, and less hands-on than it actually is.  I wonder how the 3d printed Daniel Defense silencer is doing for them?  I thought that was really cool, not only from a novelty perspective but also because of the simple fact you take a lot of these machines out of the equation and replace it with a couple smaller and potentially less expensive ones.

You can read more about the SilencerCo OCTANE 45 here if you care.