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This is your life and you have chosen to take control. You are not bound by fear, nor do you let it run your life.

To maintain your lifestyle of fearlessness and freedom, it must be your mindset at all times.  You must continue your training both physically and mentally.

Follow These Steps:

Believe in Yourself

Whatever life throws at you, you can handle it. Believe in your abilities to conquer little things and big dilemmas. Not all trials are over in days, some take time. Just remember, you already have a history of overcoming. Think of all you have been through already in your life. “You have survived 100% of the hardest of days you have ever had”

Trust Yourself

Trust in your abilities. Noone knows you or your abilities better than you do. Fall back on yourself for strength and have faith that you can do it! You have the skills and grace to get through anything.

Speak it

Tell yourself you are strong and that you are capable of overcoming anything.  You’ve got this! Every morning, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself so. The more you see it and hear it the more you will live it.


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Keanu Reeves Best Gun Movies

Ok… so I think I can speak for many of us gun toting ladies have a soft spot for Keanu Reeves. He is a cool, down-to-earth, attractive guy and he loves to shoot guns. What’s not to love?! When celebrities who are constantly in the public eye handle and shoot guns properly, we have to show appreciation.

This summer, catch up on the best Keanu movies where he wields a gun (with authority, I might add!). Don’t worry about whether or not these movies will make sense in regards to gun handling. If Keanu is involved, you know it will be done correctly! Maybe not all of these movies are up your alley, but you may want to give them a chance considering the main character! All of these movies are available for purchase through the links.

Sure, most of you have probably watched John Wick… and John Wick 2… and maybe John Wick 3… But you cannot go wrong with this series! The first movie is sad, exciting, full of action and a man who really, really loves his dog. Perfect for the gun owner that pays close attention to the details and appreciates correct shooting technique.



An oldie but a goodie! The bus can’t go under 50 mph and Keanu Reeves is a young police officer working with Sandra Bullock to save lives. Your heart will race as fast as the bus as you watch this movie. Keanu is the hero you needed in the 90’s and proved it with this great film.

This movie is one of the more fantastical on the list, but it is a classic. Shooting with such great precision and moving out of the way of speeding bullets is a fantasy we have all had. I know the physics of this movie are in no way realistic, but that does not take away from the elation and excitement a gun owner gets from watching the skillful shooting.



Bank robberies, federal agents, gangs, surfing… it doesn’t sound like a winning plot but let me tell you, this movie is good. Infiltrating a gang of surfers who rob banks in southern California, Keanu Reeves’ acting makes this movie.

This movie is a little different than the normal action, romance or comedy that Keanu Reeves is normally involved in. If you are interested in a fantasy/drama about Heaven and Hell, this is the move for you! John Constantine uses an amazing array of firearms that any gun enthusiast would want to own. Of course, many of these are not real… but you can dream, right?


In this movie, Johnny (Keanu Reeves) is a data courier who has information implanted into his mind that gangsters and unsavory businessmen really, really want. Not only is he being hunted down for this info, the implanted data will kill Johnny if he can’t retrieve it within 48 hours! Accompanied by his female bodyguard Jane, Johnny sets out to acquire the passwords he needs to save himself. This is an action-packed, exciting film that will get your adrenaline pumping.

No matter what movies you want to catch up on this summer, Keanu Reeves movies will almost always be a good choice. Celebrities that shoot well and support shooting are few and far between and we want to show them our support as much as possible! And Keanu is dreamy so that doesn’t hurt! Enjoy your summer and catch up with these great films.

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#NotMe Day Reflections

.WOW! Just WOW! I know that doesn’t sound very sophisticated, but it’s all that could come out of my mouth as I watched hundreds if not thousands of women all across this country participate in #NotMe Day on Saturday, June 1st.

Photos and stories flooded social media. As women came together to show, no, it was more than that, it was more like DECLARE that they refuse to be victims. On #NotMe Day, each woman fired 3 rounds to symbolize: I am empowered, I am prepared, and I refuse to be a victim.

Some joined local TWAW Shooting Chapter #NotMe Day events around the country. Some went to their local ranges on their own and some shot their rounds on their private property. You can see all of the inspiring photos here.

Many women shouted each declaration as they fired their rounds. Some cried as they pulled the trigger. Some wrote personal statements on their targets, and some shared their powerful testimonies of surviving violence in the past. To say it was a powerful experience is an understatement!




Nothing is more empowering for a woman than to take personal responsibility for her protection. 

Nothing is more empowering for a woman who has had to personally endure violence to be able to declare with confidence #NeverAgain!!!





We all see the unprecedented assaults on our Second Amendment rights. Women who are undoubtedly more vulnerable to and the prey of violent criminals speaking out in solidarity from every corner of this country sends a powerful message. These women are truly free, and these women refuse to be bound to fear.  Women are and will be a powerful force against the restriction or loss of our rights.

I am so incredibly honored to stand alongside these women and very proud of their strength and courage. They indeed are my heroes!

Thank you to Susan LaPierre of NRA Women for the inspiration for this event, TWAW Shooting Chapter Leaders for creating wonderful local events, the ranges across the country that welcomed women,  Nine Line Apparel for the beautiful #NotMe shirts and to Action Target for our #NotMe Targets.

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Bring the Heat This Summer, June 2019 Giveaway!

The June 2019 Giveaway is sure to bring the heat this summer!

First, we are giving away a Ruger LC9s

This is an awesome gun! It allows you to carry the power of a 9mm in a very streamlined, lightweight, small and concealable gun. The LC9s is only 6 inches long and weighs only 17.2 ounces. The magazine holds seven rounds, for a total of eight with one in the chamber. The magazine has a finger extension that gives you a bit more gripping surface for a solid grip. It is a striker-fire (hence the “S”) which helps to make the trigger much lighter, smoother, and easier to press.

Next, in the giveaway bundle, Keep your new gun safe with a Liberty HDX-350


Last, but not least, you will get a Designer Series by Carrie Lightfoot holster in the empowered pattern.

These in the waistband holsters are perfect for women carriers! They are the slimmest, adjustable holster out there! The first of its kind in a world where holsters for women were non-existent.

  • Smooth Edges: This holster uses the least amount of kydex and all the edges are smoothed down so there is no scratching or getting caught on clothing.
  • Adjust the height: The ride height can be adjusted so depending on your midsection length, you can carry wherever fits you best!
  • Adjustable cant: You can also adjust the cant. We have upgraded the hardware so there are no problems with the clip spinning. Once you find your cant and tighten, it stays!
  • 0.080 Kydex: It is a hard kydex and has full trigger protection, perfect for proper firearm holstering.
  • Don’t usually wear a belt? No PROBLEM! This holster is compatible it the Ulticlip that allows you to wear this holster right on your pant line and not worry about it coming off. The sinching power of the Ulticlip is unmatchable!

The first in the designer series is named “Empowered”.  As I considered what this word means to you and to me, it was clear that our empowerment is reflected on many levels of who we are. It manifests itself in so many different ways, both large and small, obvious and subtle. The intricacy of my Paisley inspired pattern and its gorgeous colors reflects this. It is complex, just as we are but all of the intricate details, shapes, and colors come together to create something more beautiful! And the Tiffany Blue color? Gorgeous! Did you know this color represents the feminine, sophistication, energy, wisdom, and wholeness. The perfect color for the Empowered Design.


Don’t wait! Enter NOW!

June Giveaway 2019


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Knock It Off and Protect the Wall

I’m surprised and disappointed at how quickly and blindly so many grab on to the misinformation about the NRA that’s put forth and paid for by Bloomberg and those foaming at the mouth to take away our Second Amendment. If you didn’t know, they are the source of all the lies that we see flooding the news. This tactic of intentionally spreading misinformation to discredit an enemy is no different from what we see happening in DC every day. We witnessed it during the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, and we see it happening now to Attorney General Barr. I would wager you abhor this foul play and shake your fist at it every day. Now ask yourself is what we are seeing with the NRA somehow different?  I think you will see that it isn’t.

This spreading of misinformation is an intentional tactic designed to weaken the NRA. Why? Because the NRA is the solid brick wall between them and our Second Amendment. Guess what? Those that believe the garbage and attack the NRA without knowing the facts are creating cracks in our wall. You do as much damage to our Second Amendment as Bloomberg and his ilk.

Of course, there is work to be done at the NRA. Of course, it isn’t a 100% perfect organization free of mistakes. There have been actions some won’t agree with or understand but don’t we all want the healthiest and most effective NRA we have ever had? However, some rip the leadership, the staff, and those that passionately volunteer their time on OUR behalf damaging the wall even further. You undermine not only them personally but undermine their work as well. Based on what? Falsehoods, gossip, and lies?

It is true, you don’t have all of the facts and all information. It’s important to keep in mind this is necessary for them to protect us as well as themselves.

The NRA is in the middle of MAJOR legal actions. They are wrapped up in lawsuits with NY Governor Cuomo, New York’s financial regulation agency, and NY Attorney General Leticia James. For example, the NRA is fighting back for the state of New York’s “blacklisting campaign” aimed at getting banks to cut ties with the NRA. James, while campaigning for her election last year, said in an interview “The NRA holds [itself] out as a charitable organization, but in fact, [it] really [is] a terrorist organization.” Now elected, she is coming after us. She has opened an investigation threatening the NRA’s nonprofit status. These legal battles threaten the very existence of the NRA.

The facts MUST be protected to ensure our success. The NRA can’t put out information or evidence that would in any way jeopardize our position in these cases. Is it a coincidence that the misinformation put out there that is causing the anxiety and anger towards the NRA is precisely the type of information that can’t be released to clear their name? It is more than a coincidence, it’s intentional. It is intended to cause the exact response we are seeing in the gun community with the intended goal of creating division, discrediting NRA leaders and bringing down the NRA-giving them free run to trample our Second Amendment.

“There are influential people in the gun community that are writing articles and saying it is all true” you say. I can’t speak for them, know what is in their heart or what motivates them to do so, but I can and will tell you what I think: They don’t know the facts! They are not privy to them, period. Does ego play a role? Perhaps. Do some naysayers just have to be in a fight? Perhaps. Could retribution be the motivation? Perhaps. Do some people just love the thrill of a scandal? Perhaps.

They may tell you they heard this or that from someone on the inside, but I must ask, how can you trust what has been divulged if they so greatly lack integrity, that they are leaking information in the first place? That alone puts their “facts” into question. How do we know said leaker is not a plant or paid off by those that are hell-bent on the destruction of our Second Amendment? If someone from the inside did truly leak information, it is a fraction of incomplete information intentionally absent of “the rest of the story.” Shame on them.

Another “scandal” surrounding the NRA is that of their CEO. I can hear it already! “Wayne LaPierre is paid too much!” So how much is the protection of your Second Amendment worth to you? I don’t know about you, but I want the person best suited, best gifted, most experienced, and most qualified to lead in the fight to preserve our Second Amendment. I also want to pay him enough to compensate for all the sacrifices and the threats to him and his family. Do you really want to change the General in the middle of a battle that we are winning to just to try and save a few dollars? Is putting our Second Amendment at risk worth it?

The CEO of the Los Angeles Philharmonic makes more than Wayne. The CEO of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts makes a lot more than Wayne. What has either of these CEO’s done to protect your Constitutionally protected rights? Nothing. By the way, both examples also operate on smaller budgets than the NRA. The President of the University of Chicago makes more than twice what Wayne makes. Believe it or not, these salaries are from 2014!! I wonder what they are paid now? Now, do you believe Wayne is paid too much? No, I don’t think so.

Yes, I am frustrated. I am discouraged by what I am seeing and reading out there. I have read article after article, social media post after social media post, and I just can’t take it anymore. It is painful to watch all of these forces weakening our wall. My brother and sister patriots so quickly losing sight of the decades of successes, un-grateful for all the sucker-punching of our NRA leaders on our “behalf,” and to see you turn against the one and only organization that stands between us and the loss of our ability to protect ourselves and our country.

Again, is the NRA perfect? No. Do we have some work to do? Yes, but for heaven’s sake, wise up to the masterful manipulation playing out and don’t fall prey to it. Don’t be a weak brick in the wall and please don’t be so quick to jump ship. Hang in there, we are all on the same side.

I am on the board of directors of the NRA, but these views are mine as a Second Amendment advocate.

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Five Ways to Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day

Treat Yourself, You Deserve It!

Here are five ways to spoil yourself this mother’s day!

pouring chocolate to treat yourself


Of course a great chocolate is going to make my list of ways to spoil yourself. One bite of an exquisite chocolate instantly takes me to my happy place! Not only that, but if you are a fan of dark chocolate, it is packed with antioxidants, has been found to lower “bad cholesterol” in some cases. Best of all, it increases the levels of endorphins which keeps you feeling good! My favorites are  smooth and creamy caramels! Check out these great options, I don’t think any choice is a bad one!


Jewelry also makes the list. Whether you like small dainty necklaces or big statement makers, you get to decide! Jewlery can be a great option to flare up any outfit. Wear a great statement piece to keep eyes away from any potential CCW printing!

Go ahead, treat yourself – Check out this site, it has great options AND great prices!

A New Purse

A new purse is a great way to spoil yourself! Who doesn’t like the cathartic task of unpacking and cleaning out your old purse to reorganize in a brand new one!!

Glitter RFID Crossbody

Big Gypsy rfid tote

A New Holster

What about a NEW holster!?

With 11 new colors added, the In The Waist band holster is a crowd pleaser! If you have been waiting to try this holster, now is the time, splurge on yourself!

The Number One Way to Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day – Buy Yourself A Gun!

And now, my number one pick. What other gift would be the ultimate way to treat yourself  than yes, a new gun! Any woman, whether you are a mom or not, deserves a new gun! Make it easy on yourself and browse online! Palmetto State Armory is a trusted online dealer and you are sure to find that gun you have been wanting to splurge on! Go a head, take a peak!

Gun Collage

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Breaking the Bondage of Fear: One Woman at a Time

Read the full article by clicking here 

Whether you are a woman thinking about your personal life, a woman who knows someone who needs help with this challenge or a man who is thinking about the women in your life. This article is worth the read.

Speak out! Comment on the article with your story and how you took your life back. Share your thinking!

Read the full article from breitbart.com: Carrie Lightfoot: Breaking the Bondage of Fear

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