Halle Berry Training for John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum

Over at Taran Tactical:

Wow, she’s really good!  I like how they don’t mess around in those John Wick movies.  Keanu works really hard training for those movies too, as we’ve seen numerous times.

Thoughts?  The movie comes out in theaters today, are you guys going to see it?

Will Forgotten Weapons Ian Pull In More Than Half Million On His Book?

Wow, the kickstarter for his book on French Military Rifles is currently at $418,400 😲😲😲.

I really appreciate what Ian does and he seems like a truly genuine good person, but I rarely watch Forgotten Weapons.  Frankly I’m just not that interested in old firearms, I’m more interested in innovative new stuff.  I’m actually quite shocked (maybe I shouldn’t be?) that 3040 people so far want an $85 book on French Military rifles even though the book looks very detailed and beautifully put together.  The Vickers Guide stuff from Larry Vickers is more my speed… I’m assuming I’m not in the minority here, which makes me think that if a book on French Military rifles can pull in almost a 1/2 million dollars with 15 days left, how much do Larry’s 1911, AR-15, and Kalashnikov books make? 🤔🤔🤔 Man… I need to really get that Sheepdog Fan Fiction VOL 1 edited and published.  I’d did some math, and if I crunched the number correctly I should be able to make at least $7M off it.


Update: YouTube Implements More Gun Content Restrictions

As an update to yesterday’s post regarding YouTube’s decision to permanently demonetize some smaller gun-related YouTube channels, now it seems YouTube will become the arbiter of what constitutes safe gun handling [from their offices in San Francisco]. If you didn’t see yesterday’s article, of course, go read it, but the crux of that story is that […]

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YouTube Permanently Demonetizing Some Gun Channels

Several guntubers woke up to unwelcome but possibly-not-unexpected emails from YouTube on Wednesday morning, wherein YouTube told these creators that their channels were going to be permanently demonetized. A Brief De-Monetization History: Those of you who consume firearm-related content on YouTube are probably aware of YouTube’s constantly escalating economic marginalization of gun content on the […]

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If You Don’t Want It Don’t Ask For It – COME AND TAKE IT


Life came at him hard 😂.  I never was a stickers-on-a-vehicle kind of guy.  If you are you should buy all the stickers I have for sale at ENDO and put them on your vehicle 😏.  They are more low key at least.


LAPD and ATF Moloned A California Man’s Labe

My god 😎🕶⤵😧they treaded on him:

Not a lot of information coming out of this one yet.  So far they are saying  “that a person was selling and manufacturing illegal firearms at the location”.    The bond was $50k and the guy is currently out.  If he was dumb enough to be modifying guns to AUTO and selling them across state lines or something, then he’s probably not going to have a good time.  You can read the full story at the New York Times.

Thoughts? Maybe he was simply preforming an expensive and elaborate 2nd Amendment audit?  A true man of the people? 😂

Kydex AR-15 Hip Holster

I slapped some new sound on this demo, and the Instagram fellas loved it:

This holster type has been done by a number of people before, but this one in particular was cooked up by TripletHolsters.

If you thought a sling was the only way I’ll tell you wHUT… YOU HAVEN’T MET AMERICA.