James Wears His Signature Daisy Dukes To Train

Like I (we) always say… you gotta train like you fight:

That vid is obviously just an amuse-bouche.  I can’t wait for the whole thing… if James is involved something tells me it’s going to be hittin different than all the other training course videos. 🤘😎

Clint Smith is a National treasure… what a character.


Brady Campaign Does A Morning Routine Video

Wow huge plot twist, you guys will never see it coming 🙄🙄🙄:

I understand what they’re getting at… school shootings are definitely happening more frequently.

How long until parents just homeschool their kids and only let them talk to friends on facetime?


Brass Valley Initiative Sneak Peek Of The Fellas

Brandon assembled an A-TEAM of fellas to create something secret:

This has all the trappings of a solid reality TV show EXCEPT THERE ARE NO GIRLS.  Like what the hell Brandon?  First off, it’s 2019 and it’s called gender equality… if they don’t have that in North Carolina look it up swEaTie 😂.  Secondly, there isn’t going to be nearly enough drama if it’s all dudes.  I wanted to see Bachelor in Paradise style love squares… love octagons even, and fights while gun problems are being solved.  Where’s the temptation?  The heartbreak?  Jokes aside, I’m looking forward to seeing how this series develops, even if no romantic relationships are formed.


The Gun Sock To Prevent Being Disarmed

There are likely a few of the cringe gun companies rushing to production on their own branded gun socks after seeing this video:

Tru CQB heads kno.  You fellas going to get the upper hand in close quarters or what?

Note: The video goes off on several other tangents you probably don’t care about after that gun sock bit, just a heads up.

Gat tip: Brandon (TheAKguy)

Remixed Kids Songs For The Hood

Toddler gun rap:

haha good stuff.  Speaking of “the hood”, every now and then when I use the term on Instagram It makes for a hilarious comment section because there’s more of a fly by audience due to the explore page.  Some people who stop by and aren’t familiar, think that trying to flip my caption meaning back on me to shame me is going to make me want to change it or delete the post.  Of course my shooters (you guys who follow me there) annihilate those people in the replies.  I just sit back, refresh and watched it go down. You can’t say anything now without someone wanting to twist it.


Tacticool Reloads Part II

Corridor did another one:

If you missed part one, it’s a couple years old but still relevant.  I follow the “trAiNinG coMmUniTy” on Instagram pretty closely, and I can tell you this is completely the direction things are going, with not even a morsel of irony involved.


Gat tip: Brains and Looks